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Bookings, info and Agenda 

Gouden Kabouter winner 2012
"Entertainer of the year"



If You are interested in booking MAYDAY as a DJ or for a Photo shoot , To spice up your Party or even organise a complete party  for you , as a Hostess, Dancer or (friendly) Door Bitch, A Jury member at a pageant, a host for a ellection, a commercial or celebrity guest appearance you name it Mayday will upgrade your event or party with a dosis of glits and glam.
Contact Mayday by sending an email to:


MayDay is known for her outstanding ability to entertain a crowd big or small gay or straight male or female.
She worked as an entertainer for over 20 years now and still looks no day older than 21.
MayDay has been around the best party's and venues all over the world.
She is seen in all newspapers, magazines and tv shows and is invited to the party's of celebrities like, Madonna, Sugababes, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears . Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Pharrell Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Skin of skunk anansie, Hugh Grant and George Benson to name but a few.
Check out the pictures of those partys in the famous friends section.

MAYDAY is a regular DJ at the most stylish and famous parties throughout Europe.

She was on Tv spinning for Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen,
On the wedding of Kim Feenstra and the Amsterdam International Fashion Week aka AIFW.
The Miljonairfair and Beau Monde Awards, in clubs such as Jimmy Woo and Supperclub and parties in Istanbul, Ibiza, Barcelona and London.
Her music is a mix of disco classics, 90ties hits and up to date pop music.
She can be put anywhere and for anyone , Young and old, male and female, gay or straight.


Next to all this she did commercial work for Mtv and Coco Cola and worked for companies like Mars, DSB bank, Hilton, Harley davidson, Sony, Universal , Fortis Bank , Phillips, Soho Hearts and Pathe cinemas.
She writes for Grazia Magazine, and has two photo spread pages in magazines like talkies and
Gay and Night.
As a make up artist and stylist she worked for and with famous dutch celebrities as Patty Brard, Gerard Joling, Patricia Paay, Connie Breukhoven , Froukje de Both , Dewi, Anita Doth , Josefine van Asdonk, Edsilia Rombley, Nathalie, Charlene en Nikki from Idols, Gordon.
Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Fergie,
Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.),  Neve Campbell and Dolly Parton
are some of the International stars that worked with Mayday on several different projects, party's and venues

Mirrorball and Vintage are two successful parties that Mayday organised , She worked the complete package from doormen to  performing artists, dancers and dj's she will put it all  together into something outrageous.
Some video clips of those parties can be seen here on this site on the video section and on YOU TUBE : Mayday tv on tour or Diva Mayday are the key words for YOU TUBE 


Awarded by Gay.nl for best party of the year 2011/2012
A club reunion party inspired and in memory of legendary club iT and it's owner Manfred Langer.

4 times a year since 2010, MayDay organise and hosts the best party of Amsterdam, with a new theme every time , the best mixed crowd a party could desire and music the best dj's spin, iT's more than just another party, it's an experience a lifestyle.
Both Gay straight, male female, young old, thick and thin its the perfect world of all differences .
With the Legends Ball on 31st or march 2012 as one of the best ones so far, we get ready for a special Winter Wonderland edition in the summer on June 2nd..

Get your tickets on www.air.nl




The Agenda will be updated everytime a Gig is booked..
so come back and check out if more is added to the agenda.. and to find out where you can find mayday performing and ofcourse singing your photo's , scrapbooks, coaster or titty..if recuired


April 20th  2012
DelaMar , Amsterdam

April 21th 2012
MayDay @ Snow White
Premiere, Hoofddrop

April 21th 2012
MayDay @ Marc de Vries
Exhibition, Amsterdam

April 21th 2012
MayDay @ Supertoys
AIR Amsterdam

April 22th 2012
MayDay @ Jan and Monique Des Bouvrie
Party, Naarden

April 23th 2012
MayDay @ B Fashionable
Concept store opening DJ SET Amsterdam

April 27th 2012
MayDay @ Out of the closet
Trift store opening,  Amsterdam

April 29th 2012
MayDay @ AIR
Queensnight anniversary AIR 2 years

April 30th 2012
MayDay @ Queensday
Show Amsterdasm

May 3rd 2012
MayDay @ WFC
Fashion show, Amsterdam

May 5th 2012
MayDay @ Klein kalfje
Liberation day DJ set , Amsterdam

June 2nd 2012
MayDay @ Can You Feel iT?
Air , Amsterdam
Winter wonderland edition

july 5th 2012
MayDay @ Space
Ibiza , Spain

july 7nd  2012
MayDay @ Madonna
Ziggodome , Amsterdam

july 2nd till 12th 2012
MayDay @ Sitges Gay pride
Sitges, Spain

july 14th 2012
MayDay @ Extrema outdoor

july 21st  2012
MayDay @ Celebrity wedding party

July 22nd 2012
MayDay @ Milkshake Festival
Westerpark, Amsterdam

july 23rd 2012
MayDay @ Roze Maandag
Tilburg , holland

july 27nd 2012
MayDay @ Bar Bump
Dj Set ,Kerkstraat Amsterdam

Aug 4th  2012
MayDay @ Canal parade gay pride

Aug 5th 2012
MayDay @ Closing party gay pride
Rembrandt plein ,Amsterdam

Aug 7nd till 15th 2012
MayDay @ sitges

Aug 24th 2012
MayDay @ DJ at Bar Bump
Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Sept 1st 2012
MayDay @ Closing party Ibiza
Dj Set, Ibiza Spain.

Sept 21st 2012
MayDay @ Dj at de Duif

Sept 28th 2012
MayDay @ Dj Gig at Bump
Bar Bump , Amsterdam

Oct. 2nd 2012
Party for my best friends

Oct. 6th 2012
MayDay @ Can You feel iT?
AIR, Amsterdam

Oct 17th till 21st 2012
MayDay @ ADE

Oct 26th 2012
MayDay @ Dj at Bar Bump
Bar Bump kerkstraat , Amsterdam

Dec 31st 2012
MayDay @ Can You feel iT?
Air, Amsterdam


Januari 8th  2011
Mayday @ Kalfje, Amsterdam,
Hosting private party

Januari 15th  2011
Mayday @ Panama
Boy George Live in concert

Januari 19th till 26th 2011
Mayday @ New York
Fashion week party / Soho hearts

Januari 28th  2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
DJ Set

Januari 30th  2011
Mayday @ AIFW
Spinning for Amsterdam fashion week

Februari 4th till 9th  2011
Mayday @ London
Several gigs and dj sets

Februari 18th  2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
dj set

March18th  2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
dj set

March 24th till 28th  2011
Mayday @ Sitges , Spain

Arpil 24rd   2011
Mayday @ CAN YOU FEEL iT?
Studio 54 edition edition

April  15th  2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
dj set

May 20th 2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
Dj Set

June 11th 2011
Mayday @ Think pink, den bosch 
DJ Set/host

June 17th 2011
Mayday @ cafe Rouge
DJ Set

July 2nd 2011
Mayday @ Can you feel iT?
The 1001 nights edition

July 8th 2011
mayday @ cafe Rouge
Dj Set

July 5th till 16th 2011
Mayday @ Sitges Spain
Gay pride

August 4th tilll 7th 2011
Mayday @ gay pride Amsterdam

August 19th 2011
mayday @ cafe Rouge
Dj Set

August 20th till 21st 2011
Mayday @ hartjesdag Amsterdam

September 3rd 2011
Mayday @ Valtifest
Host with Jean and Marcello

September 16th 2011
Mayday @ cafe rouge
Dj set

October 2nd 2011
Mayday @ Can you feel iT?
Birthday edition

October 21st 2011
Mayday @ cagfe Rouge
Dj Set

November 18th 2011
Mayday @ cafe rouge 2011
Dj Set

December 16th 2011
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
Dj Set

December 31st 2011
Mayday@ Can you feel iT?
New years eve edition



Apil 1st 2009
Mayday @ Palma's gezelligheids hoekje, Amsterdam
Dita's Ballen parade

April 4th 2009
Mayday @ Club Ghetto Istanbul, Turkey
Pink Amsterdam

April 9th 2009
Mayday @ Meander Amsterdam
Dewi's Jam

April 9th 2009
Mayday @ Club Exit Amsterdam
Loving angels

April 11th 2009
Mayday @ 90ties party , Hasselt Belgium

April 12th 2009
Mayday @ Club Exit , Amsterdam
Easter Party

April 14th 2009
Mayday @ Tuchinski, Amsterdam
Rob Peetoom party

April 22th 2009
Mayday @ Collage Hotel Amsterdam
Fashion show Bizar fashion

June 12th 2009
Mayday @ Helmond
Private party

June 18th  2009
Mayday @ college hotel
Private party

June 20th  2009
Mayday @ sailor party Marcanti amsterdam
gay party

June 20th  2009
Mayday @ Bruno premiere
Invitation only

June 24th  2009
Mayday @ Dita's Superbingo
Palma's gezelligheids hoekje , Amstel 202

July 1st  2009
Mayday @ Cafe Rouge
Re-openings party Private party

July 2nd  2009
Mayday @ heaven, London
CD release party Freemasons

July 4th  2009
Mayday @ Way out club, London
Gay pride london

July 5th  2009
Mayday @  o2 Arena, London
Sticky and sweet tour madonna + afterparty

July 6th  2009
Mayday @ Lucie and Mia Silvas, London

July 16th  2009
Mayday @ Queenz cafe Sitges
Openings party

July 18th  2009
Mayday @ Dboy Barcelona

July 25th 2009
Mayday @ Wedding
private party

July 31st 2009
Mayday @ Amstel stage
Travestie verkiezing
Everybody can enter the competition

August 1St 2009
Mayday @ Zeedijk
Amsterdam gay pride DJ set 19.00

August 2nd 2009
Mayday @ stopera
Closing party ceremony Host





November 28th 2008
Mayday @ Club Exit AMsterdam

November 29th 2008
Mayday @ Bijenkorf Amsterdam
Artbag sale
click here for more info

November 29th 2008
Mayday @ Heineken music hall
Back to the 80 & 90ties

November 29th 2008
Mayday @ MArcanti Amsterdam
lil Kim in concert

December 1st 2008
Mayday @ Paradiso amsterdam
Love dance, world aids day

December 13th 2008
Mayday @ Club Exit AMsterdam
Vintage  with Tara Mcdonald

December 17th 2008
Mayday @ cafe de engel Amsterdam
Dj set

December 18th 2008
Mayday @ Club NL AMsterdam
Diva's of magic birthday bash

December 20th 2008
Mayday @ Rotterdam
Nog geen idee waar eigenlijk

December 22th 2008
Mayday @ Supperclub AMsterdam

December 24th 2008
Mayday @ Cafe engel van amsterdam AMsterdam
Dj Set Christmas eve special

December 25th 2008
Mayday @ Club Pannekoek
Diner dansant

December 26th 2008
Mayday @ GAy palace Rotterdam
Christmas special hosted by me

December 27th 2008
Mayday @ Club ??? Bruxelles
Show with Tara Mcdonald and David Guetta

Dec 31nd 2008
Mayday @ Supperclub cruise AMsterdam
New years eve party cafe de engel