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Finally it's Happening , the Rainbow Awards.
in a few weeks Amsterdam will have it's first LGBT award show.
To me it was always a problem to hear and see only bad press about the lgbt community.bars and clubs that were closing, the beating of gays for no reason other than discrimination and i think we still have a long wat to go if it concerns emancipation.
But there are also a huge amount of people , company's or foundations that do good work, that have a divercity policy at the work floor or people who create space to have a conversation about all that's needed in the lgbt community.

I for one was thinking about this for a few years and finally had the time to create a night where we give a spotlight to those who helps out in anyway.. not just entertainment but also deeper than that.

go to rainbowawards.nl and seefor yourself but vote for the one you think should win an award.





Just because you al have to wait so long...  here are some recent pics.. x Mayday






Divamayday Mail : Merry christmas and a Happy new year



Dear all, ive been working on a new website for some time now and i was hoping it was done by now
hopefully beginning of the new year i will be having a brand new website that will be updated daily for all your info about all the new stuff im doing..
New Party;s new shows new trips and a brand new track of my own..

for now i wish you all the best for the holidays, Merry christmas and a happy healthy joyfull New year..

see you in 2015.
Lots of love Mayday..

Ow PS.. I have some friends who want to wish you best wishes too.

xx Mayday






Divamayday Mail : Birthday wishes


I just had the most amazing Birthday,
Soho was packed and to my surprise Karin Bloemen Performed for me which was AMAZING.
But not only Karn But also Shirma Rouse, Emmaly Brown, Rachel kramer and Ferry de Ruiter performed.. Had amazing dancers and fab cake from taart van mijn tante.
But also amazing are the wishes i got from all over the world..
Look at this video.



Divamayday Mail : New things are coming up

Including a new website and all ;)




Divamayday Mail : Gay Pride Amsterdam


OMG I Mett Conchita



Divamayday Mail : Milkshake & Bianca Del Rio


Hi Babes, Even though im still working on my new website it was time for an update anyway.
I know ihave let you down lately but i really thought since everbody is looking for info at my facebook twitter or instagram page, no one will check her.e But i guess you do. ;)
Last week The Wonderful Bianca Del Rio was in Amsterdam to perform at NYX and it was amazing.
The Rupaul season 6 winner was nothing but mean and nice.
I had a blast and we worked in a visit to the Anne Frank house.
We were all in tears thinking of it.

we had a great day and i had her on the back of my bike.

We even did a round trip on a canal boat and had dinner at Peter's House.

All and all a great time with the queen for a year.

Next week Sharon Doorson , Rachel Kramer, Soulm3n and ULTRA nate is performing at MILKSHAKE festival.
tickets are almost sold out and im sure its going to be a blast again.

So hope to see you allout there.. ;)
xx Mayday



Divamayday Mail : Boy George is coming to Town


Its been a while but the one and only Boy george is coming to town. well tilburg that is.
Next week monday he will have his concert with old and new songs at 013 and trust me its worth going.
ill be there too so hopefully we can hook up there.
x Mayday



Divamayday Mail : 4 Year anniversary Can You feel iT

Hey Boys and girls,
Im back again working on thons of things including a new website.;)
Happy to show you the artwork for the new Can You feel it Poster by AORTA.

It features superstars Sylvana Simons and Rika who all began working in the iT 25 years ago.
Also club kids Jey and Ferry de ruiter aswell as new boy in town Robin.
Im very happy with it and i think we will have the best anniversary ever.. and because its 25 years ago that the doors opened of iT and allready 20 years ago since Manfred left us from the earth its time for a true iT Reunion.
here is the making of



Divamayday Mail : Just an update


Heey Boys and girls,
Hope all is well at your end of the line.
Its been a crazy month , there hasen't been an night that i haven't been out.

night after night there was something to do and like the party animal i am i just go with the flow and did it all.
had some great nights but also some dissapointing ones.
People tend to let you down every now and then and that sucks to be blunt.
Now i like to think myself as a wise person and for sure i got wiser through the years and even though im still 21.
i had my share.
This songs by my dear friend Kathy Brown reminds me always. Stronger on my own.


I wanted to share this vintage picture with you..
granted its a new picture but the look is vintage.
What do you think?

It is shot by Wouter van Gens and Alessandro Pisano
and was supposed to be for Weekend fest.

Divamayday Mail : Fashion week

HI Babes,
It's been again a few weeks that i didnt post a thing however.. im happy to tell you im working on a brand new site with lots of new cool features and pics, video's and a give away section.
So stay tuned for that.

Last night was the opening of fashion week and the first show held was by Mattijs van Bergen.
I really love Mattijs and his designs but didnt like this collection so much.
It was inspired on Van gogn and maybe because of that i thought Hmmm.
It was good to see how he eeolves into a fierce young designer with great taste and art.

The next show was by Aziz a friend who i know for a very long time
His show was amazing more in the way it was set ans styled and the statement behind his show..
I loved It.

Ofcourse there were alot of dutch celebs and nice people  but it didnt bother me enough to stay very long so i went into town..
Something i do since the last day of the last year ;)
Party hard and play hard

Divamayday Mail : Happy new year !!!!

Dear friends fans and family.
first and formost i want to wish you a happy healthy new year.

2 days ago it was still 2013 and with can You feel iT ?
I made sure that we all celebrated the new year with a bang..

Together with 1200 people we celebrated the beginning of the new year for allready the 4th year in a row.
ONE NIGHT IN CHINA was a difficult but fabulous theme .
trough this way i want to thank the people involved in making this party happening.

AIR for its Location and friendly staff, management, crew and cleaners they all pitch in.
Nadia Nain Randy Groenentwout and Ryan Bee for supporting me and helping me in an Always stressful adventure that is a rollorcoaster ride.
Sébastiaan Van Der Ham who without i wouldn't look half as good as i did again last night.
Same for Janne Mooij who has been creating my crazy outfits that i have in my head. The Chinese lantern was again one for the books.
Aorta Productions Vonn Balm Ronald that ALWAYS helps a poor diva with AMAZING posters and Visuals for the club to make it so much more special. without them it would look as good.
Miss Misz Bunty who allready is my mc for 4 years.
The DJ's that ROCKED the house last night.
Jerry Black Mike Scot Erick EerdDJ JeanDJ Stennis Valentijn De HinghHey Girl Hey and ofcourse Sander Maasdam for all the energy.
my fabulous dancers.. Josh Martina and Terence Bempah who are Always there with great energy. Michael Konings and i forgot the name of the other gorgeous dancer.
Diandra Rooken Ivy Davis Natasja Rosić and Wendy Dries making the straight men's head spin a little faster
Peter Hofmann for the help and creative thinking with me and Always looking amazing in your fab outfits.
Noi Pakon for the fabulous arial act
Jet van Dijk for the sidekicks .
Kaylee Fontilus for going with me on the ride like crazy..
David Koppelaar for making fabulous pictures that we all gonne see SOON
Sugi Riharsjah Soerjanto who for me wanted to report live from the house of Frank Boers at NIEUW MARKT
Ron Wollmann for filming it
a special thank you to Imma Culata and MAC Cosmetics for their support and make up that make me look flawless Always..
SWAROVSKI for all the bling..
Daphne Knijpinga for all the amazing beauty products
my dear friends and family for the ongoing support and last but not least all the fans and friends who Always enjoy the party's together with me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this coming year be a beautiful healthy one full of LOVE.

Check out this video from Pascal Maassen.



Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT? NYE
Hello friends,
today on the last day of 2013 i add something to my site..
Not that i didnt want to put something for you sooner but just because this site was recently fixed.
I know that it could have been fixed sooner than half a year ago but to tell you the truth, being bussier than ever in this past year i just didnt had the time to even think about it.
And there was always facebook. ;)
Tonight i celebrate and close this year with a bang.
For the 4th time in a row i organise the best new years eve party in Amsterdam.

Together with all my favorite dj's
Jerry Black, JEAN, Mike Scot, Erick E, Stennis ft, SNDR, Valentijn de hingh and Hey girl Hey we will blast in this new year.
I am ready are you?
xxx Big kiss Mayday



Divamayday Mail : Vampire Ball
Hello darlings,
Very happy to tell you all that after a year and a half i finally have my own name back on facebook.
It was about time but im very happy with iT..
No more stress.

furthermore i wanted to let you now that next months
13th edition.. (how could i not) of Can You Feel iT? will be VAMPIRE BALL.

It going to be an all black party.
People who dont dress up have to wear black and its going to be sexy and spooky.
Happy to announce that WALIBI is Sponsor of the event and have a fab prize for best dressed of the night.
Mean while organising this party im busy with Milkshake and ofcourse that going to be again THE place to be on july 21st.
Line up is out but i have some more surprices for you.

Tonight will be the official opening of SOHO where i am resident dj on the thursedays.
A very dear friend of mine will be singing so get ready and wear some fab outfits underneath your raincoats.
see you soon . i try to update my page sooner. x Mayday
Divamayday Mail : Beyonce
Hello darlings,

First of all to get you in the summer mood check out this amazing song by Daft punk nile rodgers and Pharrell williams, Get Lucky.
Its from now on my fav song.

Last week was fun again..
Last night i worked the door at dvars, the old Eve /ARC at reguliersdwars.
Once a month i host a party called the poppenkraam.
A friday after work cocktail party with bites and booming girls and music by Risk sound systhem.

It was fun and fab and i got a bit tipsy on the fab cocktails they serve.
In the morning after a night of spinning the finest tunes at Soho i had to go to Utrecht for Holiday on ice to get some new clothes for Milkshake..
Ps have you got your tickets allready?

At soho i got a great surprise..
Martijn and roger who came back from Holiday got me a new and amazing RING  and i write in capitals since its HUUGEEE.
Dont you love iT? Im just a spoiled little girl.

Also the Taboo posse stopped by,
Taboo is the bar across the street from Soho.
i love that place and i spinned there aswell on occasion.
It was the only bar open when ALL was closed at the famous gay street.
Brandon who used to be the manager from Exit that got closed after owner died, openend his own bar taboo and its been booming ever since the opening.
However.. i made a joke when putting up this picture we took up on facebook.
I tagged everybody and said:
Must be a lady G ( i can't write her full name on here since im afraid for a virus on my computer) night at taboo : Meaning: al staff was at my party...
However i knew it wasnt her night and she does her night on a wednesday NOT on a thurseday..
it was a joke.. but they didnt seem to like it much ;)
I thought it was a hoot.
Even though i dont like her much.. i hope she has a great night at Taboo because thats just good for business. for everybody.

Anyway.. tomorrow its Beyonce time at Ziggodome and im really excited to go.
Met her once at her perfume presentation and once in marcanti but just a quick hello goodbye.
hope she rocks the show instead of the superbowl..
that was lame.
Ok kids enjoy the weekend.. its sunny ( for a change)
x Mayday


Divamayday Mail : Crazy in love
Hi Babes,

ain't lying that i hardly have time to write here...
It takes a while to sort out pictures after i first remembered what i had been doing the past week and such.
Then get all organised. crop and pollish pics. upload them one at the time and then write you a nice story...
And the truth is..Since i got rid of my guestbook I have no idea what people read or want to see, next to that , facebook and twitter is the fastest way to get you updated.
However i do think of all of you and there are poeple that still email me that i have to update my site so Here it is..
Some pics of what i had been doing lately.

To help out Hotspot cafe after Miss decited to end her bingo so suddandly,i organise a bingo once a month. every first wednesday .
I love doing the bingo but like to play myself even more.
i just like the excitement of maybe or maybe not winning something i dont need ;)

However last bingo was a blast and need to thank Martijn van Daalen Stefanie winter from Skincare by stefanie winter who were so generous with some amazing prizes.

My Mum won a bleeching treatment and she was happy with iT.

On thurseday i spin at Soho.
Every thurseday so you know ;)

Ferry Doedens is a regular and always stoppes by to have a bit fun.

On easter i channeled my innner ghetto gurl to spin at marcel's farewell party DOnder op... which was fuunnn.

My little nephew had to get his a diploma and ofcourse we all coem down for some support.
it was actually a hysterical day because Jonas his bigger brother was funny as hell..

and this saturday i had to spin at a private party in vinkeveen which was also fun..
Always good to see some of my long time friends...

 here you go. hope i put a smile on your face again.x Mayday
Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
Dear All, After a serious recovery that was much needed i want to take my site to thank a few people who made yet another Can You Feel iT? the most happening of the year.

The Red Light District theme was amazing and i couldnt be more happy.
A few thank you's are in order...
Nadia: For ALL your help always
Ryan: to keep calm during my stress moments
Janne, kim and Bjorn: for all the fierce outfits
Sebastiaan for the hair
Bunty for your unique talent
Mike scot, Rodney, Erick E and Brian S for the phatt beats
Dennis and Sander for the vibe in AIR 2.
Marieke, Niels and Arjen for all the best intentions in AIR.
David for the fab pics..
Peter for the great idea ;)
Vonn Ronald Laurens and the rest at AORTA for all the visuals and poster.
Randy for getting me the best dancers
Ad they are;
Frances, Shari Ashley, Ivy, Diandra, Terrence and my fav Josh.
The Amazing Lisa Millett for bringing your voice from the uk to Amsterdam to Rock the stage .
The Sweet Diana From Kroonluchters and Dg desigh for the amazing 20.000 Swarovski stones chandelier
Demian from Montmartre for borowwing his scooter all the time when i ran out of time again ;)
Inaya Day for lending me her track Nasty girl to perform on
Megan Schoonbrood for being fierce on stage and in a cage
And Rowena for making the fabulous After movie.


And ANOTHER great after movie by Pascal Maassen