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Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
Dear all,

Its been 4 everrrr that i wrote to you here..
I've never been so crazy busy as this period.
cant hardly keep up with dishes ;)
It's all good though.
Im almost ready for The Next Can You Feel iT?
This time the red light edition and ofcourse that beging held in Amsterdam will be the hightlight of my party's im sure...
Everybody is exited to dress up normal for a change ;)
I mean we are all hookers arent we?

Im really happy with the help of Diana who will provide me with some amazing Chandeliers.. from Kristalwereld on facebook.
Look her up.

Check out this trailer and if you like please share with your friends.


But first today i will be at DVARS for the first edition of The Poppenkraam.
Ill be there from 6 on are you in?
x Mayday

Divamayday Mail : DJ at Soho
It's only ONE month away for the next Can You feel iT? and i am ready..
Happy to tell you that my love will join me at my party for the first time whoop whoop.
I Sooo cant wait to see him again.
Im sure you can imagine ;)

Last teusday after a big meeting i was surprices with a visit from Harold.
I mett Harold in oktober during Amsterdam dance event and he came to celebrate new years eve with me at Can You feel iT? The secret edition.
He was the sweetest thing. however i never saw him at NYE since i was too busy.

This was the first time we actually got to talk.
I made him dinner and later on we went to Janey jacke for her bingo at Queenshead.
At one point he won a price and Janey asked him to strip and with no shame he got undressed to his briefs. total shock everybody but it was so much fun.

thurseday night i had to spin for the first time at Soho.
It turned out to be OVAH and the gorg ferry doedens dropped by for some support. Loved iT.


Divamayday Mail : Viva Carnaval in Spain
Hi babes,
first of all , The new poster for Can You Feel iT?
do u like?
Its going to be the best party of the year i promised you that,.

I had a wonderfull time in spain, Sitges is my fav hang out and a nice getaway.
Dick and Arjen from Queenzbar got me over to spice up Carnaval the ducth way. ;)
I had a great time and the weather was soo good since it was freezing and snowing in Amsterdam


Check out this AMAZING video from Dewi. You gotto love her voice.


Divamayday Mail : Fabiola RIP
Yesterday was a sad day our beloved Fabiola was brought to her final resting place.
With a messy and emotional ceremony, a walk with all the friends to Waterlooplein and a boat ride trough the canals of amsterdam to the cemetary.

it had a huge inpact on me so last night i wrote part of my last will.
In case you wonder...

These songs at least are two i want to here on my funural.
They have  special meaning to me since they were played also at an ex his funural and i thought they were well chosen.
However.. i hope i'll be amounst you for a very long time still but hey you never know.

On a more happy note,
I had the honor to launch the DVD of Best of Taarten van Abel and include Siemon de jong in the Hall of Fame in the dutch institude of image and sound in hilversum.
It was a proud moment.


Divamayday Mail : Fashion week and true colors
HI babes,
Since half of you people are on my facebook or twitter account i tend to forget to post here aswell..
But here is yet another update...
First some sad news,
in the last week two colleages has past away due to Cancer .
Teddy pedigree Paul and Fabiola...
May they rest in peace.

I did alot the last few weeks, I 've been to Paris which i love , on eof the best city's in the world and had no time to relax.
When i got back it was fashion week time which is always fun to check out the male models. ;) ow and some clothes aswell whahha.

Further more i had some fabulous dj gigs including for GGD ;) Carre and Fred van leer's Birthday party.

Another gig that was really awsome was True colors, The annual coc new years reception this time MUCh bigger at paradiso , Hollands only Pop temple.
It was so good to be there and it felt AMAZING having the crowd going crazy on my tunes.
Loved every minute of iT.

Tomorrow i have another great job.. I will be Hosting the release of the dvd and including Siemon de jong aka Baker Abel in the Hall of fame in Hilversum.
Well you know, You can always ask me things on Mayday@divamayday.com... and thats also the adress to send pictures too..
Hope all of you are well and be good.

Divamayday Mail : Happy New Year
Hello boys and girls,
From the Dam i would like to wish you Happy New Year and all the best love luck and happiness for 2013.

As many who read my facebook and other social media would have guessed, i was crazy busy the last few weeks organising Can You Feel iT?  at AIR for NYE.

The Mysterious theme was Wizard of Oz and it all looked amazing.
Got some great responces and new years wishes that made me very happy.

Before we all see some lovely photo's , i want to thank all who made this possible.

Nadia and Ryan for all their help with the whole production.
Bjorn for all the deco advise and help.
Sebastiaan van der ham for all the fab hair and make up.
Janne Mooi and Kim siderius for all the clothes.
Marieke, Niels and Arjen and the staff from AIR who helped me make this possible.
Jerry Black, Mike Scot, Brian S and Jean for pumping up the main room,
Miss Bunty for all the fab vocals.
Natasja, Dennis and Ephraim for hosting AIR 2 with club Roque.
Randy for all the dancers, and ofcourse all the dancers  too.
It was all good. and i loved iT.
 Now enjoy those pictures.


Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
Ho Ho Ho ,
Trough this way i want to wish everybody and very merry chritmas and all the best to you all, Share some love. x Mayday
 Vorige Volgende