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Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
Ho Ho Ho ,
Trough this way i want to wish everybody and very merry chritmas and all the best to you all, Share some love. x Mayday

Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?



HI Babes,

this month im in Jackie, Talkies and Beau monde magazines so get them while you can.. ;)

Last thurseday i opened the miljonairfair or Masters of Luxery as they now call it.
Supermodel Linda evangelisa opened the fair and i have to say i was exited to see her .

It was because of her an era started of the supermodels.
I loved her in George michaels video,s Freedom

and Too funky

and My hair on my new picture was inspired by her look in Too Funky.

This was my look for the fair.

Picture taken by Foto Ed aka Edwin janssen of

Here is Linda from the opening ..

and me spinning

Ps I totally didnt update you on the Beau Monde awards,,,
here some pics


Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
Hello kids,
Tonight i will be spinning at the Masters of LXRY aka the miljonairfair.
as always it will be a blast im sure and to open the show Linda Evangelista is present. I cant wait to see her and hopefully i can have a picture with her.
since im UBER fan of supermodel of the world.
cant wait. x Mayday


Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?
HI babes,
icant believe its been so long since i wrote to you .
its never been so hectic and busy to organise everything.
party's world aids day, weddings, music videos, and ofcourse Can You feel iT .
its such a shame i can hardly tell you anything because its all a secret BUT..
what i can say is that CLUB ROQUE will be hosting the second room in air on new years eve,
With the whole crowd they will make this party one you cant miss.

so get your tickets now on air.nl and dont miss out..
x Mayday

Divamayday Mail : Can You Feel iT?

Divamayday Mail : Update
Its been a while i know..
But im back ;) was busy as always but all is good.
i should still update some pics from the Televizierring gala
but first some pics from last week..
First of all i was a judge at the MR gay election at AIR last week.
for the fifth time in a row i was in the panel with ceveral others this year it was Thom Goderie winner last year , Kim Holland and Carlo boshard.
It was fun as always and again difficult to point a winner.at the end bobby won.

Monday i went to see j Lo at Ahoy rotterdam. Together with Boetje, marcel and jelle.
J.Lo's dance captain was Gilbert Saldivar . Mr candyman and mr poison.
he was in Christina;s show and in the video next to many many superstar artists.
Itw as a great show loved iT.

yesterday was the Speel met stijl awards from Holland casino and Grazia magazine.
It was a fun night and guess what I WON.
A fierce Yves saint laurant bracelet and a minux camera love it whoop whoop.
Here some pics.

I PROMISE to update sooner.
x Mayday

Divamayday Mail : Televizierring awards 2012
First Picture by Edwin Janssen.


Divamayday Mail : ADE 2012
HI guys,

Last night started of MASSIVE with highlight of the night SOUL HEAVEN at the bier fabriek.
Legendary dj's like SPEN and Terry hunter and amazing performance by Julie MCKnight was of the hook.

Before that a great Network bash at the duif. with OA, Larry Tee and Madonna's Producer paul oakenfold.


Divamayday Mail : Walibi fright night
Dear followers,

It again was about time to update you on my adventures.
first of all i needed some time to recover from the best party ever.., as some of you needed it too.

but we had to go one..

On Teusday night the Sitges reunion took place in Schagen of all places.
Frances organised a dinner party at linke Loetje , a famous restaurant there so ofcourse we all went there.

almost every body was there including Netty and jantje who always know how to party ;)
To our surprice Gerard joined us and thats always a party animal.
It was funnnn ...

On thurseday i had to go to Armani party and therefor i couldnt go to Sharon's showcase which i rather did.

However i got drunk and iT was fun in the end.

Friday was walibi fright nights.
I always love amusement parcs they bring the kid out of me.
Together with Eric and hans , palma and marike we had the best time..

I lost an earring in a rollercoaster and got soaking wet in the crazy river but it was all good.

I was aked to spin at the After party and that was fun too however the dj before me was crazy spinning the crowd home. hmm.
here some pics. x Mayday


Divamayday Mail : birthday circus
Dear friends,

Im so sorry i didnt had a change to update my site for you , I know its bad but i just didnt had the time.
Alot has hapent over the last few weeks and mostly work.
I went to Italy for a wedding which was beautifull
I just love italy and i look italian food.. and normally men , but my heart belongs to papi ;)

I also went to see Gaga in concert wich i really liked.
She really rocked the house and it helped that i was front row ofcourse...

for the rest i was crazy busy planning my ow so famous birthday party;)
can you feel iT? had a circus theme to it and i love the circus.

i hooked up with Milko from National circus Herman Renz to check if i could have some of his acts.,

Milko and i go way back and he always invites me to his show premiere.

Wll finally this last saturday i celebtrated my b day  and in all honesty .. I KILLED it.
it was one of the best parties in years and im proud that i worked it.

of course i have to thank a few people who helped me before i show you some of the pictures..

Nadia my right hand , without her i couldnt do iT.
Ryan my loyal friend who is with me for  20 years
Air and specially Marieke and Niels
Aorta for all the promo help. thanks chanel girl yvonne
Sebastiaan for my hair and Janne and Kim for my couture.
Circus Herman Renz for the Acts.
Hans Roskey for the balloons
Angie Brown for coming over from the uk to sing for me ,
Hans Klok for the Magic trick and kind words.
My Dj's who gives me house power : DJ Jean, Brian S, Mike Scot, Bart thimbles and the G team.
my MC Miss Bunty vocal power.
Randy who helpes me out with my choreo and dancers who are:
Shari, diandra, margriet, Joshi, daniel and boris.
Jet and Machiel who always spice up the party..
Tineke my mini me who was the hot of the night .

al the celebs that came and support:

Gerard Joling, Gordon, Anita doth, Paul turner, Hans Klok, Leco, Danny rook, Rik van der westerlaken, cornald maas , ferry doedens, quintis risdie, donna lynton, ferry de ruiter, Veronica van hoogdalem, Palma , Kim feenstra ,
and ofcourse all of the other 1400 people who came and partey hard.

NOW pictures.




Divamayday Mail : gaga
hi babes,

another weekend almost over but boy did i had fun..
last night saturday night Amstel 54 the bar of hotshot Valy was having a gaga Night .. i was ask to host the event and i loved iT. the few contestands who entered the competition looked fab and we all had an amazing time.

Later i had to rush to Under curant a venue in Amsterdam north which is a part of town i never go to..however Miss Barbara tucker was in the house and had to see my girl..
Last week in Ibiza and now in my home town. fabulous.,.
it was cool to see my gurl perform and she took me on stage to dance with her.
It was such a cool surprice...

after the show we  hang in her dressingroom and had a good talk..

later when she went to the hotel she asked me to ride with her to take me home and she played me a few of her new tracks that are amazing.

good times..

this morning i whitnessed ex hubby Shawn doing the urbanathlon .
still looking goooddd.


Divamayday Mail : Viva Ibiza
Dear all,

its been an amazing week in ibiza and even though im back for a week allready i still wanted to post the pictures from iT since its one of the most beautifull places in the world.
and another picture from Abdel's graduation party which was so much fun.

Divamayday Mail : Viva Espagna
I know i know  i leave you all alone with no news while i actually did alot.. ;)

i promise i will write to yu al whole new update tomorrow BUT..
For now i share with yu my latest Picture that i really like..

its again show by Taco van der werf and he is the best Love iT. x Mayday


Divamayday Mail : J'Adore paris
Hello lovely's
This summer is a Magical one.. and mainly because of L'Amour ;)
Having a great time and feeling fabulous.
been away alot and that helps too, the sun , people and diffirent atmospheres are doing me well..

Sitges and barcelona, Paris and italy, london and New York its all good..
my last top was Paris last week, Really one of the most beautifull city's in the world, beautifull architecture, amazing shops, fabulous food and nightlife to die for..
and its the city of love...

Everywhere i  went i felt that i needed to be there with jesse, and maybe next year it will all happen , more about that later..
Julian who lived in paris for four months was about to come home and i needed to stop by to chillax with him.. well chillax..
we ran trough Paris like mad men,
We did it all and even though we didnt had so much time , there was nothing that i didnt see.. ;)
I realised that after going to Paris for 15 years and being there a million times..

I still take pictures of everything over and over again . It truly has something magical.

Dior was amazing again and Plaza athenee Paris most exclusive and expensive hotel , where sex and the city was filmed aswell as the docy from Madonna looked amazing again and  it was all good..

Friday when i got back i had to spin at Bump ,
I love Bump its a diffirent kind of bar, cosy fun and fabulous..
It wasnt as packed as i hoped but had fun anyway.
Ellis who was celebrating her birthday stopped by and it turned out to be an hysterical night ending up in Roque where i did.. well never mind ;)

I was so drunk that it went a little far.. but it was all good ;)
Saturday Netty took me for dinner at the harbour club,
The hotspot in town.. however it wasnt as good as i hoped.
The service was bad and the food wasnt that good..
so not money worth.
However we had a great time.. till 3 in the morning ;)

Last night again in harbour club.. i know a little too much two nights in a row after the dissaster but now for a very special reason..
Glennis Grace was having her birthday party...
and you know when Glennis has her party you go...

The dresscode was 50ties, not the easiest dresscode but a fun one..
netty peter and i went together. and we looked fabulous.. if i may say so myself.. ;)
we hooked up with francis and myla and it was all good.
Lots of friends from the business joined and that was great..

lange Frans, Xander de buisonje, Berget lewis the happily married one..
Edsilia Rombley, jaap with new lover Kim kotter, Yes R and so one.. it was all good..

now im here for a few days in holland but saturday ill be in IBIZAAAA , i so cant wait..
party time and spinning .. a dream come true..

Now its time to clean my house. ;) big kiss and see you all soon i hope..x Mayday
 Vorige Volgende