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wat zijn we toch knap samen he...


paul Oakenfold

Janice, Jermaine fleur , Jordy adlicious. me Laise adlicious en ferry de ruiter

Hans Klok

Larry tee

Lange Frans

gerard Joling

LMFAO's  Redfoo 

Connie and me..


Paul Turner

Pamela anderson and Me at the Miljonairfair

Ruben van der meer, tijl beckand en jack spijkerman

Geer and Dennis

Tara mcdonald

derek Ogilvie

The Overtones

Me and Samantha fox at my birthday...

Mail de boer monique klemann en manuela kemp

Ria Valk love her.

Rudolph van veen en Irene Moors

The amazing Grace Jones

Ben Saunders and Rico verhoeven at Can you feel iT?

Gerard joling Tonny eik.


Elle the body Mcpherson at the Miljonairfair opening

 Corry konings and i

Fajah and Brittje and moi

Karin Bloemen and i... at Beau Monde Awards

Jorinde and i at HNTM final live show.

Addy, astrid and jette and me at Worlds christmas circus premiere

Dennis weening and Valerio zeno . love my husbands

Beau van erven dorens and Jeroen van der boom at "The winner is" taping

Paris Hilton, Ny socialite and me , dutch socialite ;)

Ben Saunders the voice 1st season winner. by Peter Pijlman

Tineke de nooij and i.

Frankie Knuckles

Jokertje and barbie reality tv stars

Viola holt

Crystal waters

Dj AfroJack

Adlicious, jody bernal and moi.

Everon Jackson Hooi.

Steve Silk Hurley

Ali B

Ron carrol

the amazing Deborah Cox

Shary an

Anita Meyer

Rozalla and me...

Mick Harren and Dean saunders

me and Ice T

martha wash and me

yes R

kristine W, Thea austin of Snap and me

Quinty and Loretta schrijver

Jody Bernal



Miss jay and me at fashion week.

Britt and Imke

Najib Amhali

Big Black and Beautifull


Marjon lambrix

Dana International

Andre van Duin

Claudia de breij

Martine bijl

Gwen dickey legendary powerfull singer of Rose Royce.

Patty Brard

Ben Saunders and me..

Leco me and estelle

Martine Bijl

Patricia Paay and me.

Natascha, Daphne deckers and Lorenzo SYTYCD

Maik de Boer

Janice Dickinson

leontine Borsato

Boy george

Monique Des Bouvrie

Caroline Tensen

Frederique van der wal

Patricia Paay

Eddie de clown en patricia Paay

Mariska van kolck

Dorien hans klok inge de bruin Deon

Boy George...

Crystal waters

Henk jan smits

Inaya day

Deon , Dewi and Jermaine

Jeffrey wammes

Ray and anita Aka 2 Unlimited

Love this pic still.

Tara McDonald

Patrizia Paay en Yvonne Keeley

Skin and me Paradiso 11-09

Jocelyn Brown

Larry tee

Tara Mcdonald

Don Diablo, Elize and me

Catherine Keijl and me @ Beau Monde Awards

Crystal Waters and me Lada die lada da

Me with Jim Bakkum Wanted premiere.

With all of the Three Degrees Cynthia, Valerie and Hellen

Gerard and me..

With the trammps..Hold back the night......

With lovely Rozalla...Dear friend.

Another pic with Marijke H.

Ma baker and Boney M

Rachel and i.

Marianne weber and me

And there she is again Rozalla.

Imca Marina and me..

Dewi and me.

With Viola holt...after a few drinks


Me with Yolanthe and Fleur.

me with Working girls dewi and willeke alberti

Me with berget and edwin

Cece peniston linda de mol me and Anita doth

Amanda and brian Gouden kooi


Delicious Sacha leon Visser, tmf host

Me with Interious designer Eric Kuster

Valerio and me

Jasmine Sendar, Me and Leontien Borsato

Me with Bridget Maasland

Me and terrence schreurs

Thomas Berge ano 2009

Anita (2 Unlimited) and Mia Silvas

Seann William scott and me undercover

Me with Lil Kim the Queen bitch herself

Thea SNAP Austin and Berget Lewis

Me and Hans Klok

Me with dewi and bastiaan van schaik

Denise Pearson Five star and me

Johnny knoxville  and i undercover

Martha Wash (Legendary vocalist weathergirls "Īts Rainig men")

Thea Austin (Snap) and Martha Wash (weather girls)

Mr and miss Jay (america's next topmodel)

Jay manuel (antm)

Miss and Mr jay (antm)

Me and Rupaul (Supermodel of the world)

Duane Harden( you dont know me armand van helden)

Cece peniston again

Willeke Alberti (ducth singer)

Angie BROWN (Im gonne get you baby)

Bonnie st clair

hans klok ( magigian)

Gordon singer

Sherry fine and Joey arias

Norman and steve (Madonnas dancers and choreographers)

Rianne ten haken (model)

frederike van der wal (supermodel)

Brigitte Kaandorp (Dutch comedian)

Kim hollands next topmodle winner and Patty brard

New timeless Eric and marcel

Danny rook

dewi and nelly frijda with daughter

Edsilia Rombley (dutch singer, edsiliarombley)

Tara McDonald (David guetta, Axwell, Armand van helden, Todd Terry)

Cece Peniston (Finally)

Minister Rita Verdonck en Christine kroonenberg

Thea Austin( Snap, rythem is a dancer)

Nathalie (idols runner up)

Lange frans (dutch rapper)

Martha Wash

Legendary RuPaul

Rozalla back home in amsterdam again

Me with Wouter Hamel, Mia Silvas and the lovely Bunty

Idols runner up Nathalie

m with TMF vj Nikki Plessen

Danny de hunk

me and New york legend Sherry vine

Me and Bridget Maasland

me with big voice Robin S  Show me love

Siedah Garrett (rain down love, i just cant stop loving you)

alison limirick (where love lives)

David Guetta

Famke jansen (X man)

Of the legendary and amazing pointer sisters

Donna delory (Madonna's backup vocalist for years)

Sonja Sylva

Jeffrey wammes turner

fabulous Barbara Tucker

Anita 2 Unlimited, carolien tensen, tycho boeker (princecharming) hugo and me

Noah,berget,des'ray,Anita,Oleta,edsilia and me

Boy George the one and olny

Jorinde Moll, Jennifer de jong Birgit bridget and me

Bearforce 1

Moon V Bridget maasland and ilja visser

Oleta adams @ dreamgirls premiere

Dirty ol man joking with me at Oh whay a night premiere @ carre

Hind Laroussi And me

DR Alban, Sing hallelujah!!!!!

My sweet Sybil, the love i lost

Superstar Dj Roger Sanchez @ his birthday party

THE Lady Bunny being hysterical

Goudenkooi cast

Cece Peniston and Anita Doth (2 Unlimited)


Jody Bernal

Erben wennemars

Quinty Trustfull



Berget Lewis

Dewi, me Otazu and Ali B

Anita bea me glennis berget and jennefer

Me and Estelle Gullit/kruif

Lucie me mia and laura

Me and Neve Campbell (scarey movie, wild things)

Moi with Glennis Grace

Terence schreurs and moi


Me with Wigfield, (saturday night)

Me and Jason Orange from Take that since ages again

Me and Lionel Richie 3-2-2007

Me with Lucie Silvas and her fab sister Mia who is backing her up fiercly

yfke Sturm and Moi @ Millionairfair 2006

Ruud Gullit stanley menzo and moi.

Tyrese and moi @ marcanti

Sylvie meis and moi

karin Bloemen and MOi(dressed as barbra Streisand)

Moi and Mica Paris my london girlfriend

david (chocolate puma)

Nelly Frijda aka ma flodder and me

Me with the K-otic gurls

me and Luv

Sjoukje en marga dutch divas

Caroline Tensen possed and Natasha Froger

Guillermooo (hoe lekker een man in uniform)

Tara Reid @ Miljonair fair

Helena Christensen @ Armani Red lounge

Ruby Wax and i @ Beau Monde awards

Mickey Hogendijk en fabienne de vries @ Otazu's b day

Rozalla @ me Birthday

Ron Carrol

barbara Tucker @ Lovedance

Me & Otazu @ diamond Lounge by otazu

Tropical Danny & Guillermo @ lovedance

Me And Borat @ his premiere

Bridget maasland and me

Arthur " allo allo"  bostrom and me

jaques d'ancona and moi

Gtst's koert jan de bruin

Patty brard  and me with her daughter

Rozalla and me

Mario testino and moi

Me and Faithless

Sandra and me @ love dance

fajah laurens and me @ Ex porn star

me with britney

Brittany Murphy

George benson

Dewi Jorinde and me

Chelsea Clinton and me

Hugh Grant manuela and me

Black eyed peas and me


will.i.am B.e.p.

Moi with Marijke H en Hand K

me with Anita " 2 Unlimited"  Doth @ my birthday party

La cicciolina

kathy brown(stronger on my own)


Bonny St C

Gerard J, Nick Nielson, me and hans Klok All with bare shoulder, A symetrical rules ;)

MtvDennis and me 

Dolly and me Undercover

Frederique van der wal

DJ Tiesto and me

Ron jeremy

Blu Cantrell

John de wolf and moi

Skin and me @ Sinners

Skin and me @ melkweg

Skin and me @ Supperclub

Skin and me @ ministry Amsterdam

Dionne Warwick And moi

Cece and me @ playboyparty Amsterdam

cece peniston and me @ Greenkomm Koln germany

Cece peniston and me @ Love dance 2005

Cece and me @Gaypalace, Rotterdam

Mariah Scarey and moi @ Hotel blakes

Jorinde Moll and moi @ King kong Premiere

Robin S , connie and me @ new years eve party @ Connie's place

Connie aka vanessa and me@ gaypride amsterdam 2006

Conny and me @ Bingo

Ali b and me @ Schnitzelparadijs premiere

Victor & Rolf Somewhere

Jocelyn and me @ Powerzone

Jocelyn and me @ HMH, Amsterdam 2006

Dewi (idols) and me

Haddaway and me @ Heineken music hall Amsterdam

Roy Venga boy and me @ GP

Hans Klok and Hans kazan and Moi